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You could say that the importance of Europe and its vast history does not correlate to its size, since it is the second smallest continent in area, with a half square kilometers and about 10 million. However, that has not prevented that its limits countless battles and processes have given rise to what we now know as Europe. European flags have been increasing in number since it was formed for the first time the European Union, within which 28 countries are integrated. The European Union flag is made 12 white stars forming a circle on a blue background.

But do you know how many countries are there in Europe really? Fifty countries in total. Also, Its has to be said that some of the new flags of Europe have chosen similar designs to the European Union. This is  the case of Kosovo or Bosnia & Herzegovina, including both of them blue and white stars. The history of European countries far largely a measure of others, while some keep in common a past set or have influenced each other in the design of its emblems. It is a continent that played a leading role in the world in the sixteenth century, when the settlement process began. In the twentieth century it was undermined by the development of the two World Wars. Neither the Cold War helped dividing Europe, until the Council of Europe and the EU were formed. Geographically, Europe is part of the Eurasian supercontinent, and is washed by the Arctic Sea to the north, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Caspian, the Adriatic and the Dead Sea, among others. Do you know the mythological origin of the word Europe? It turns out that Europe was a Phoenician woman who was conquered by the god Zeus, who turned into a bull and carried her to Crete, where they had several children had.

To show you the great diversity that exists in this continent, in it you can find -Rusia- largest country and the smallest -Vaticano-. Furthermore, Europe is home to the world's oldest sovereign state: San Marino, with just 32,500 inhabitants. As you can see, we are talking about a continent of contrasts, which combines a huge story that is also reflected in European flags, and now you can know through our website, where we explain each ensigns, its origin, history and meaning. "

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