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The extended English language is the greatest inheritance of the great British Empire, colonizer of colonizers. Nowadays, the United Kingdom agglomerates England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland under his crown. All these countries have their own history and idiosyncrasies, and in this 'site' we will be happy to guide you when choosing between the many flags of the United Kingdom with which we have. What is officially known as Union Flag is the one that runs the British crown since 1802. It represents the union of the three crowns, also combining the insignia of the cross of St. George, St. Andrew's and St. Patrick's.

In flagsok.com you will also find the 'gay friendly' version of the British flag, as well as its naval version. Great Britain is governed by a parliamentary system based in London, one of the most important cities in the world, which also brings together millions of visitors every year. In 2016, citizens decided to say yes to Brexit, a process that will separate the United Kingdom from the European Union, greatly affecting political and economic relations with member states. Among the British flags you can find large cities such as London, Edinburgh or Manchester, as well as Bermuda, one of the overseas territories of the British crown, located in the Caribbean Sea.

In total, there are fourteen territories that Britain has overseas. The British can also boast of being the fifth world economy, having led centuries ago the industrial revolution and its proximity to the sea, since it is surrounded by water. The apogee of the British Empire took place between 1815 and 1945, taking advantage of the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte to become the first world power at economic and naval level.For almost a century, London was the largest metropolis in the world

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