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Flag Spanish Republic

Spanish Republic 16,70 €

[  (44) ] 24/48 h.

Flag Pirate jack rackham

Pirate jack rackham 16,70 €

[  (6) ]

Flag International Brigades

International Brigades 16,70 €

[  (2) ]

Flag Soviet Union

Soviet Union 16,70 €

[  (7) ]

Flag Second Spanish Republic

Second Spanish Republic 16,70 €

[  (20) ]

Flag Prusia

Prusia 16,70 €


Flag East Germany

East Germany 16,70 €

[  (2) ]

Flag Confederate States of America

Confederate States of America 16,70 €

  24/48 h.

Flag Pirate Emanuel Wynn

Pirate Emanuel Wynn 16,70 €


Flag Confederate Naval Ensign

Confederate Naval Ensign 16,70 €

[  (4) ]

Flag Navarra Segunda República

Navarra Segunda República 16,70 €

[  (1) ]

Flag Imperial army

Imperial army 16,70 €


Flag Bando Nacional

Bando Nacional 16,70 €

[  (2) ]

Flag Reino de Castilla

Reino de Castilla 16,70 €

[  (8) ]

Flag Navarra Dictadura

Navarra Dictadura 16,70 €


Flag Japanese Naval Army

Japanese Naval Army 16,70 €


Flag Libya (1977-2011)

Libya (1977-2011) 16,70 €


Flag Portugal 1830

Portugal 1830 16,70 €

[  (1) ]

Flag Prinsenvlag

Prinsenvlag 16,70 €


Flag Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia 16,70 €


Flag First Spanish Republic

First Spanish Republic 16,70 €

[  (1) ]

Flag Macau 1976-1999

Macau 1976-1999 16,70 €


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There are symbols that have marked the history of countries, continents, conquests and revolutions. In the section of Historical Flags you will find some of these symbols that have become famous in time for the importance they had in their moment and what they represented around the world. Some of these old flags today are no longer used by the institutions they represented though they remain symbols of what they were in the past.

While the largest number of content is related to historical flags of the United Kingdom and the United States, we strive every day to upload content from all the world. Are you looking for a flag and cannot find it? First enter keywords in the search engine and if you cannot find them, then please get in contact with us through our mail and we will raise the story for you.

There are symbols that have marked the history of the countries, continents, conquests and revolutions. In the section flags historical you will find some of these symbols that have been made famous in time by the importance they had in his time and for what represented and broadcast around the world. For example, the recent history of Spain could not be understood without the Cross flag of burgundy or the flags Republican, the of the national side or the preconstitucional. Like the History of Germany is not conceived without taking into account the flag of Prussia, the German Empire or the eastern Germany, at a time when Germany was divided in two and Berlin departed with a wall that tore families and changed the destiny of many of them, until the fall of the wall, on 9 November 1989, he returned to join the two halves. Other ensigns historical that you will find here are those of the Kingdom of Castile and the banner of Castile. And speaking of Castile, here is a curiosity: do you know where it comes from the name? The solution you will find in the masculine form of the name. Do you already have it? As you will see, flags historical there is practically in all countries, since they all have a history of which their ensigns have been accomplices and have been adapted on the basis of the political and historical moment that lived. Thus, each one of them is in itself a story to tell that we must not forget, and that we intend to let you know here, through our shop.Some of these flags old, today are no longer employed by the institutions to which represented, although remain symbols of what they were in the past. Although the greatest number of content is of historical tenets of Spain, we strive day after day by upload content of all of the world. Are you looking for a and not find? First enter the keywords in the search form, and if you don't find then contact us at our email and we board the history for you.

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