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The Pirate Flags are usually designed with a white skull on a black background which has been used throughout history for identifying pirates crews plying the seas. In our shop you will find different models of Pirate Flags including the Pirate Jack Rackham, the pirate Blackbeard, Henry Every, Edward England, Bartholomew Roberts, Christopher Moody, Thomas Tew, or Stede Bonnet  Which one is your favourite? If you do not find yours, then send it and we will upload it for you.

Although all tend to coincide in the black background smooth, each pirate included the drawing that more represented him or that they considered that could cause more fear in their adversaries. Thus, you can see flags pirates with bones of tibia or with bladed weapons as swords or sables, since the objective was to give the image more fearsome as possible and try that the enemies are not acercasen, in order that the pirates could maintain their booty to except or, in the case that they were to attack the enemy ,that this know to what is faced and opusiese the least resistance possible. In our store you will find different models of flag pirate that you can buy, as for example the Jack Rackham, a womanizer amateur to the drink that came to have in his crew to two women of great courage , with that said that maintained an affair and that they should go under the guise of man not to the detection. Do You Want to know what happened with them when they were captured and how they managed to escape death? Look it up in our search engine and you know the final outcome of this story pirate.And if we speak of pirates, we must not forget the famous pirate Barbanegra, who is said to have tripulaba a boat haunted that reflected their orders and that it preferred to scare their enemies giving fear through its image to use the extreme violence. For this is mind that even lit matches that placed under his hat, and that with its image and the smoke coming out of the hat, seemed a demon.This is probably the most famous pirate of all times that has inspired thousands of stories thanks to that image enigmatic and even romantic who came to have. Other flags pirates that you can buy in our online shop are Henry Every, Edward England, Bartholomew Roberts, Christopher Moody, Thomas Tew or Stede Bonnet, which came to be a friend of Barbanegra. What is yours? If you do not find yours, envíanosla and go up by it. And remember ...'A pirates life for me'.

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