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Flag Colombia Presidential

Flag Colombia Presidential

Official institutions measures: 100 x 150 cm


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Unofficial Flag of Colombia Presidentialavailable in 100% Polyester fabric and various measures from 060X100 to 150x300. Particularly suitable for outdoor use and manufactured in European union.
Origin :
The origin of the Colombian flag is found in the one created by General Francisco Miranda, who waved Colombian colors for the first time at the beginning of the 19th century. It happened before he set out to invade Coro, in a failed way. In 1814 they had adopted the colors yellow, green and red. This was a consequence of his membership of the United Province of New Granada. Once formed New Granada (Colombia), blue replaced green.
History :
Although its shield is considered a patriotic symbol, the same one inserted in the flag is not official, since the Colombian flag does not have a coat of arms, although in the stores of the country they can also be bought. The Colombian insignia was approved on November 26, 1861, while its coat of arms was accepted 12 years earlier. It is the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Colombia. It is shaped by a Swiss-style blazon divided into three equal stripes, in the center of which appears a golden grenade with stems and leaves, alluding to New Granada, the precedent of the Colombian nation.
Meaning :
The meaning of their colors is as follows: yellow symbolizes the richness and fertility of Colombian soil; the blue, the seas that bathe its territory; and red represents the blood poured by the heroes on the battlefields to achieve the freedom of the nation. Also striking is the presence of the Condor, a bird that symbolizes freedom.

Colombia Presidential belongs to the country Colombia

Flag Colombia Presidential available in the following sizes and prices:

60x100cm - 15,31 € receive it in 7-10 days

30x45cm - 15,31 € receive it in 7-10 days

50x75cm - 15,31 € receive it in 7-10 days

15x20cm - 15,31 € receive it in 7-10 days

100x150cm - 24,19 € receive it in 7-10 days

120x180cm - 31,39 € receive it in 7-10 days

150x250cm - 48,81 € receive it in 7-10 days

150x300cm - 55,47 € receive it in 7-10 days

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