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Flag of Ukraine available in 100% Polyester fabric and various measures from 060X100 to 150x300. Particularly suitable for outdoor use and manufactured in European union.

Origin :
The flag of Ukraine began to be used in the Revolution of 1848, which put an end to the Europe of Restoration. It became official for a short period of time at the end of 1918, during the stage of the People's Republic of Western Ukraine, but it was not formalized until 1992.

History :
It is known that the first time the colors of the Ukrainian flag were used was from the late sixteenth century, and the first written reference is the following century, in a chronicle of Lviv, Ukrainian territory. However, the use of these colors is quite earlier, from the year 862, with the Rurik dynasty. They were also used at the end of the 12th century, in the principality of Galicia-Volhynia.
Already in the twentieth century, since 1919, the banner became red, during the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It remained so until 1949, when a blue stripe was included on the lower side. This badge is the one that was used until 1992, when the modern Ukrainian flag was approved, which you can buy on this website.

Meaning :
The flag of Ukraine is formed by two horizontal bands, in which the upper one is blue and the lower one, yellow. Traditionally blue has been associated with sky and yellow, with wheat fields, although this association has become obsolete.

Ukraine flag available in the following sizes and prices:

60x100cm - 13,92 € receive it in 9-15 days

30x45cm - 13,92 € receive it in 9-15 days

50x75cm - 13,92 € receive it in 9-15 days

15x20cm - 13,92 € receive it in 9-15 days

100x150cm - 21,99 € receive it in 9-15 days

120x180cm - 28,53 € receive it in 9-15 days

150x250cm - 44,37 € receive it in 9-15 days

150x300cm - 50,42 € receive it in 9-15 days

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The images and other resources related with our flags are property of Flagsok.com and it is forbidden its reproduction, use and modification without express consent of the company.