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The country with the most influential of the modern world is composed of 50 states and a federal district under the sovereign protection of a flag starry with red and white stripes.

There is a theory that said that the origin of the American flag takes place in the former British company of the East Indies, while a second theory maintains that the coat of arms of George Washington, the father of the nation, was the one who inspired its designer.

In 1877 adopted the insignia american, although on that occasion only wore 13 stars in it, corresponding to the 13 colonies that became independent of way originating. It took more than 80 years until the adoption of the flag current, with its 50 stars.

The sky, the innocence and the value are the symbols of its colors red, white and blue, respectively. Within the section of flags of the United States of our web page you will find numerous models and alternatives, as can be the EcoFlag or the version 'gay-friendly' of this badge.In the same way, the history lovers will find the version of the flag of the United States with the Union Flag (the British Crown) at the top left. Is the one that was used during the War of Independence, although was never recognized in an official manner.In a country where the football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey are divided the protagonist in this sport, the American flags are the nexus of union between its citizens digitised of large cities and traditional farmers of the interior. Every 4th of July is celebrated on Independence Day, without doubt the day most marked in the calendar of americans beside the Day of Thanksgiving. It is the third most populous nation in the world, and that without a doubt leads the technological revolution and digital.

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