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Flag of Chile

Chile 8.99 €

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Flag of Easter Island

Easter Island 9.99 €


Flag of Arica

Arica 9.99 €


Flag of Coyhaique

Coyhaique 9.99 €


Flag of La Unión (Chile)

La Unión (Chile) 9.99 €


Flag of Iquique

Iquique 9.99 €

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Flag of Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile 9.99 €

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Flag of Valdivia (Chile)

Valdivia (Chile) 9.99 €


Flag of Linares Chile

Linares Chile 9.99 €


Flag of Ñuñoa

Ñuñoa 9.99 €


Flag of Putre

Putre 9.99 €


Flag of Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar 9.99 €


Flag of Salamanca Chile

Salamanca Chile 9.99 €


Flag of Atacama

Atacama 9.99 €


Flag of Osorno

Osorno 9.99 €


Flag of Villa Alemana

Villa Alemana 9.99 €


Flag of Casablanca

Casablanca 9.99 €


Flag of La Serena

La Serena 9.99 €


Flag of Panguipulli

Panguipulli 9.99 €


Flag of Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt 9.99 €


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Occupies the southwestern tip of South America and is one of the most representative countries of Latin America. The flags of Chile are the result of a country worker and that has always been lifted its falls. The lonely star, as recognized popularly to the insignia of Chile, was recognized in October 1817. This white five-pointed star rests on a blue background that coexists with the white and red as predominant colors of an emblem inspired in the troops Mapuches in the Arauco War against the Spanish crown. A year later, and already with the independence under the arm, was presented in an official way. The red color represents, as in many cases the blood shed by those who fought for freedom. Within the flags in Chile you can find in comprarbanderas.es you will find the communes as Valdivia or Arica, as well as the of Easter Island, located in Polynesia. Within the region of the lakes is also Osorno, whose emblem is navy blue and white to equal parts. The most traditional can also opt for the presidential flag of Chile, which is the same as the official but with the coat of arms in the center. The Valparaiso is color navy blue and maroon. This city can boast of having the oldest newspaper in the world in the Spanish speaking world. This is 'The Mercury', founded in 1827. This South American country also has passed into history by hosting the first democratic elections in which it won a socialist leader.We speak about Salvador Allende (1970). Its more than 4.600 kilometers of north on south turn him into the longest nation of the world, something that contrasts with the narrowness of its territory. Its volcanic character also is reflected in its almost 2.000 volcanoes, of which 500 remain active at present.

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