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Flag of Brazil

Brazil 13.92 €

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Flag of Álvares Machado

Álvares Machado 16.7 €


Flag of Franca

Franca 16.7 €


Flag of Lages

Lages 16.7 €


Flag of Franco da Rocha

Franco da Rocha 16.7 €


Flag of Mineiros

Mineiros 16.7 €


Flag of Auriflama

Auriflama 16.7 €


Flag of Sete Lagoas

Sete Lagoas 16.7 €


Flag of Empire of Brazil

Empire of Brazil 16.7 €


Flag of Itabira

Itabira 16.7 €


Flag of Umarizal

Umarizal 16.7 €


Flag of Recife

Recife 16.7 €


Flag of Ji-Paraná

Ji-Paraná 16.7 €


Flag of Niterói

Niterói 16.7 €


Flag of Ampére

Ampére 16.7 €


Flag of Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina 16.7 €


Flag of Bambuí

Bambuí 16.7 €


Flag of Bicas

Bicas 16.7 €


Flag of Cosmópolis

Cosmópolis 16.7 €


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Brazil is the country of the samba and of the happiness. The flags of Brazil have warm and cold colors,but the tonalities averages were attracted by the force of the warm thing, causing a feeling of joy sensation between its observers.

The Brazilian flag dates back to the last stages of the nineteenth century. Was made official days after to proclaim the Republic. A philosopher and mathematician were its architects, along the designer Décio Villares. However, the green rectangle and yellow was present in the logo above.

What was changed was the crown of the monarchy, which was replaced by the famous Blue ball in the center of the flag. This blue ball represents the position of their stars in the sky on the day they were proclaimed the Republic of Brazil.

Also, its 27 stars represent the totality of the states into which the country splits, along with the Federal district. Inside the sphere there appears a phrase that exhibits the idea of “order and progress”, inspired by the ideas of the positivist philosopher Augusto Conte.Among the Brazilian flags that you can buy on this website are the districts of Pará, Acre, Alagoas or Mato Grosso, as well as those of Paraiba or Goiás, among others. Goiás, for example, has a badge with green and yellow as protagonists in narrow horizontal stripes.The yellow one symbolizes the gold that exists in the country, while the green refers to its exuberant meadows. Also they are of cities, as it is the case of Belo Horizonte or Rio de Janeiro. It is more than 200 million inhabitants do of Brazil the fifth nation most filled with the world.Recently, the Soccer World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, have shown the world the contrast between the two sides of Brazil: the industrial development and the social inequality.

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