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Popularly known as the country of the bota, for the shape that has its territory to Birdseye, Italy is one of the nations most important in Europe. Its millennial history makes its capital, Rome, one of the most visited places in the world. Buy banners of Italy is very simple, thanks to flagsok.com. If we are talking about the national insignia, to say that there is one of the most famous in the world. Its three horizontal stripes, green, white and red make it attractive and admired beyond its borders. Its founder, Napoleon Bonaparte, wanted to introduce a similar layout to the your France Natal. For this you only changed a color. However, the emblem transalpine ceased to be used during a time. This yes, so official, as in the popular revolts remained the banner. Once defeated the monarchy italian, was declared this flag as the official. Does not shield. But if you want to go deeper into flags italian we recommend you navigate through our category, as you will find badges of great beauty and historical value. The Venice is considered as a real relic local, in the same way as that of Rome is classified as one of the most beautiful in the eyes of the visitors. Others, such as those of Piedmont, Sicily or Lombardy, correspond to historic regions with strong roots among its inhabitants. We must not forget that the unification of Italy occurred relatively recently and that the sense of belonging is so strong to both the Republic and to the region.Although we speak of regions, nor is there to leave behind the Tuscany. Its flag is white and has two narrow red stripes that left in the center of the horse that appears on his shield. Tuscany is a natural paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every summer. On the other hand, film lovers will also find in this 'Site' flag in Naples, present in many works.

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