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Flag of Brazil

Brazil 13.92 €

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Flag of Colombia N/S

Colombia N/S 13.92 €

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Flag of Ponce

Ponce 16.7 €


Flag of Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais 16.7 €


Flag of Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul 16.7 €


Flag of Bahía

Bahía 16.7 €


Flag of Paraná State

Paraná State 16.7 €


Flag of Amazonas

Amazonas 16.7 €


Flag of Provincia de Buenos Aires

Provincia de Buenos Aires 16.7 €

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Flag of Distrito Federal

Distrito Federal 16.7 €


Flag of São Paulo State

São Paulo State 16.7 €

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Flag of Pernambuco

Pernambuco 16.7 €


Flag of Ceará

Ceará 16.7 €


Flag of Valparaíso Region

Valparaíso Region 16.7 €


Flag of Amalfi

Amalfi 16.7 €


Flag of Cali

Cali 16.7 €


Flag of Granada (Colombia)

Granada (Colombia) 16.7 €


Flag of Cáceres Colombia

Cáceres Colombia 16.7 €


Flag of Pueblo mapuche

Pueblo mapuche 16.7 €

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South America occupies a territory also known as subcontinent of southern America. Its surface crosses the equatorial line at its northern end, which causes the greater part of their countries belong to the southern hemisphere. In this shop you can find a multitude of flags of South America, and if you do not find any our customer service is at your disposal to advise you. The Caribbean Sea, the main claim for the tourism sector, and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans around the southern part of the supercontinent american, which occupies an area of 18 million square kilometers, and includes a series of countries whose inhabitants account for around 6% of the world population.When searching among the flags in South America you will find the of the twelve countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinam, Paraguay and Venezuela) and those of their dependencies (French Guiana, Falkland Islands or Bonaire). But the flags of South America dan for much more at our online shop. Among the most popular are those of Cartagena de Indias, Bogota, Arauca, Cuzco, Lima, Arequipa or of the province of Buenos Aires. It should be recalled that since the sixteenth century and until the early years of the nineteenth century the greater part of South America belonged to the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, in very large measure and to the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom, to a much lesser extent. The language and the life style of the Spanish colonizers were installed on the South American continent. They also had with Panama, but this step to form part of Central America in 1955. At the industrial level, the countries that make up the South America live the extraction of natural resources, especially of mining and petroleum, as well as the manufacturing and agriculture. Brazil is the largest world producer of oranges and sugar cane,as well as Argentina is from the yerba maye, lemon and sunflower. If we speak of livestock needs to be stressed in Uruguay. The gas, for its part, is the main livelihood for countries such as Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

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