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Flag of Colombia N/S

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Flag of Amalfi

Amalfi 16.7 €


Flag of Cali

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Flag of Granada (Colombia)

Granada (Colombia) 16.7 €


Flag of Cáceres Colombia

Cáceres Colombia 16.7 €


Flag of Anorí

Anorí 16.7 €


Flag of Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga 16.7 €


Flag of Armenia Colombia

Armenia Colombia 16.7 €


Flag of Ibagué

Ibagué 16.7 €


Flag of Angostura

Angostura 16.7 €


Flag of Barranquilla

Barranquilla 16.7 €


Flag of Toledo (Colombia)

Toledo (Colombia) 16.7 €


Flag of Campamento

Campamento 16.7 €


Flag of Peque

Peque 16.7 €


Flag of Manizales

Manizales 16.7 €


Flag of Pereira

Pereira 16.7 €


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The country of coffee is one of the most singular places of the planet. It is located to the northwest of South America and stands out for its great natural wealth. In fact, is classified as the second largest in the world with the greatest diversity. Its borders await 20% of the world's plants and have the largest marine reserve in the planet's biosphere. In this online shop you can buy banners of Colombia in a quick and simple way. You can choose whether you want the tricolor with shield or without shield. Its origin comes from the General Francisco Miranda, its ideologist and the first that flew for the first time the colors yellow, blue and red. It was during the nineteenth century. However, years ago was the green which appeared in place of the blue. To find the why of this matter we only have to go back to its membership of the United Provinces of New Granada, which used that color. After. What we know today as Colombia went to be exclusively New Granada. In regard to the shield, it is worth noting that was adopted 12 years before the official flag, and what constitutes a blazon of form Switzerland. In the center is a grenade of gold with stems and leaves. On them, the national bird of the country Colombia:The Condor of the Andes. In our category of flags In Colombia you will find the insignia of Amazonas, for example, which is one of the 32 departments that next to Bogota comprise the Republic of Colombia. In most of the districts yes that is present the color green in their flags. We are talking about the case of Antioch, Arauca, Boyacá or cease, that also has the same colors as the flag of Andalusia (Spain). Others, such as the department of Cundinamarca, does not have the green in its emblem. This particular one is located in the center of the country, in the Andean region.As a curiosity, is always curious is the fact that in Colombia is the place more humid of the Earth. Is the municipality of weeping in Chocó.

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